Lately I’ve been diving into experimenting in XR/AR. I’ve been playing around in Snapchat’s Lens Studio for the month and in a few days I was able to…


A frame from an animation I produced with the help of Mode Adjust for an HP keynote event.

For Enthusiast Brands

A frame from an animation I created for a local creative agency.

Foot Locker

A frame from an animation where I created animated 3D toon characters based on 2D illustrations and motion tracked them into live footage. Fresh.

HPi Deconstruct

A frame from an animation created for HP.

Intel / nGraph

A frame from a recently completed motion project for Intel.

Helios Interactive

Playing around with the new logo at Helios Interactive.

Deadly Friend

A simple composition inspired by the movie Deadly Friend (1986).

Simple Man

A stylized character created mostly in ZBrush.

Future Vote

A character design experiment. Learning how to use Marvelous Designer as a tool for creating clothing for cg characters.