Design Modeling XR / AR


I’ve been experimenting in XR/AR. I’ve been playing around in Snapchat’s Lens Studio for the month and in just a few days I was able to create a few quick lenses. Check out one of them with the Snapcode below.

“Helios Buddy” Snapcode

Another interesting discovery while creating the character for this lens is realizing that when you export textures from Substance Painter (version 2019.1.3), it also spits out a USDZ file which can be viewed in 3D and placed into the real world as an AR element on an iPhone.

Helios Buddy in a beaker

You can play with Helios Buddy by clicking on the image below. You need iOS 12 or above.

My next challenge will be to try and get an animated version of my character into a USDZ file. I’m going to need a Mac for that.