Hosting at Ziba Design

As manager of AEPDX since 2013 I’ve hosted meetups and put on a lot of events, mostly for Design Week Portland. Here are all the highlights.

Reel Review – 2013

Digital Flyer

It started off with a Reel Review (photos) to showcase Portland’s talented artists. I invited three creative judges to pick their favorite reels out of the two categories: Advanced and Novice.

AEmoji – 2014

Printed Poster / Illustration by Jason Sturgill

Particpants were assigned randomly generated Emoji to help create animations and shorts (photos). Watch video here.

Alphabest – 2016

Printed & Digital Poster

28 participants were given a randomly chosen letter of the alphabet and had to come up with a word that started with that letter to serve as the inspiration. Watch video here.

Draems – 2017

Printed & Digital Poster

Participant created Dream inspired animations and shorts. Watch video here.

Curiosity – 2018

For my last event the theme was Curiosity. The challenge for participants was to pick a single word title with the letter O in it. Each animation had to start at roughly the same point with a chosen colored dot at the center of the screen.