Helios Interactive

A sampling of Creative and Art Direction work done at Helios Interactive over the last six years. This work is a mix of interactive and environmental experiences.

Cigna / Mind & Body VR Experience

As part of a health event, I helped to create two VR experiences that encourage guests to pay attention to their Mind ( a yoga balance experience) and Body (a mini skiing game).

Bank of the West / Artistic Ace

By tracking the movement of the racket during tennis swings, guests could control the direction and density of decorative elements on the screen to create their portraits.

Sprint / Smart City AR Experience

A Microsoft Hololens experience where guests could view a futuristic city powered by future 5G technology.

Role: Art Director, Animator

Nike / Kyrie 1 Launch

An interactive TLCD installation to help launch the Kyrie 1.

Role: Art Director, Animator